Muscially Inspiring A Generation.

Muscially Inspiring A Generation.

Director of Music, Victoria Sayles, talks about how her career as an internationally acclaimed musician helps to inspire the children at Hazlegrove Prep School to see that anything is possible.

'Children are inspired & learn best when they can see that anything is possible'

When we cast our minds back to our own childhoods and more specifically our time at school, there are always one or two teachers that our memories hold close and whose voices we can still hear in our heads, decades on. The teachers who inspired and motivated and who were perhaps the first person outside of immediate family who showed faith in one’s ability and future.

Imagine then, if that faith was coming from someone who themselves was an internationally recognised musician, the impact would be quite considerable. This is exactly what the children at Hazlegrove Prep School have at their fingertips.


Victoria Sayles, Director of Music, is an internationally acclaimed violinist and has performed around the world. Her performances have taken her to the Barbican Hall as part of one of the world’s most lauded chamber ensembles, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, she has been an Associate Leader of the London Mozart Players including their annual performance at Buckingham Palace. Victoria is a member of the internationally acclaimed Alberni String Quartet as well as having an active involvement in outreach programmes for young children.

Her performances and diverse experience enhance the full and varied calendar of musical events for which Victoria is responsible at the school. Victoria comments, “Children are inspired and learn best when they can see with their own eyes that anything is possible. I can best do that through leading by example whether that is playing in an ensemble with the children here at Hazlegrove or through my own concerts around the world. At Hazlegrove, we have over 30 ensembles and we schedule over 260 music individual music lessons a week. Music helps us develop levels of empathy and social skills that reach far beyond the classroom. We encourage everyone to have a go! My passion for music gives me the energy to do my job as Director of Music for Hazlegrove and keep a schedule of concerts all year round.”

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