Building the Safest Playground for the Kids

Building the Safest Playground for the Kids

Building a playground for kids can be a challenge, you want to create something unique and enjoyable, but you also want to install an area which is safe and free from danger. The type of equipment you use is important, especially when choosing your surface. Everything must be safe, colourful and durable. These tips will help you to construct a playground area which ticks all the boxes.

Adequate Surfacing – The most important thing to consider when building a playground, especially for younger kids is the surface. You need to invest in top-quality playground surfacing to ensure you create a safe environment. The type of surface you have on your playground will determine how safe it is, if you use substandard surfacing, children will easily get hurt if they fall. In addition, the surface won’t be as durable, and it will start to deteriorate a lot quicker than something like rubber softfall. You’ll find that most injuries that occur on playgrounds are because of kids falling from equipment onto the ground, so it is vitally important to consider your surface and use something that will protect the children and cushion their fall. You can’t construct a playground without safe, non-slip material.

Clear Area – When you are designing a playground everything should come second to safety, it is paramount no matter where you build. You should have adequate space to build your playground, ensuring kids won’t get in each other’s way. For example, apparatus such as swings should be an area where kids don’t have to run behind or in front to access other equipment. They should have space to get around the playground without having to venture near a moving swing.


Age Appropriate Equipment – It is very important to build a playground using age appropriate equipment, the area should be decorated with equipment which is perfect for your intended audience. Most playground designs are broken into two groups, a younger kid’s playground is for 2 to 5-year olds, the older units are for 6 to 12-year olds. You should think about the age of the kids that will be using the facility and select the most appropriate model for your project.

Wide Variety – Try to build a structure that has a good variety of equipment, some kid’s like swings while others like slides, so it is important to design or choose something that appeals to everyone’s taste. You’ll find that some kids are risk takers while others are risk adverse, some are hyperactive, and others like to play in a more passive manner. You should think about all these things when installing a playground. The choices and equipment you have at your playground the happier each kid will be, variety is the key.

If you live in a warm climate, it is advisable to include shaded areas. But the most important thing to have is a safe surface which protects the kids from falling. They will inevitably fall off the swings, land on the ground after slides and lose their grip on climbing walls, so you must take precautions by padding the surface with quality material.


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