NewsJo Leighwiltshire, Dorset

Boatwrights’ Maiden Voyage

NewsJo Leighwiltshire, Dorset
Boatwrights’ Maiden Voyage

Knowledge, familiar faces and the ability to deal with the whole market are the hallmarks of Boatwrights Estate Agents.

Matthew Boatwright, who’s been working in the property industry for just over 12 years, is rebranding the Sales element of Bassets Sales & Lettings.

“The ethos of Boatwrights will be to keep it simple, adopt a methodical approach and provide the service that clients deserve,” Matthew said. “I fully believe in that business model. With everything getting more and more complex in our world, our process of bringing a property regardless of size to the market for the right price, negotiating hard for the client, alongside being fair, honest and professional at all times will be at the heart of everything that we do.”

“Having that ability, whether you’re selling a one-bedroom apartment or six-bedroom country house with acres of land, Boatwrights will be able to help, and I don’t think any other agent can offer that as well as we can,” said Matthew.

With offices in Shaftesbury, Tisbury, Salisbury and Amesbury, Boatwrights has the capability to cover a vast area, which they vave come to know very well over the years.

Matthew remarked “I’ve grown up in the area and feel immensely passionate about it. We really do live in a special part of the country and my team will be passing their exceptional knowledge and experience of the property industry within this area onto our clients in order to advise them in a balanced, understandable fashion.”

“I’m not making any changes to the Team that’s already in place. Existing Clients will be dealing with and being looked after by the same people. I have a brilliant team in all of the offices and all of them are really on board with the re-branding”.

Matt said “ …it is the ‘absolute right time’ for a rebranding. I’m really happy with the brand we’ve put together, it’s contemporary in its appearance, simple and neat, and I think it’ll be really well received by the market place.”

He is confident in the company’s ability and business model and is looking forward to Boatwrights putting its mark on the property market within the area.