Lifelong School Memories

Lifelong School Memories

For children in their final year at a school, the summer term brings not only the excitement of embarking on their next step, but also a chance to look back and celebrate their achievements. To mark some of the best years of their life we take a look at the ever popular Leavers Hoodie - the best in memento’s to remember fond school days.


Leavers hoodies have been a rite-of-passage for older children and teenagers leaving secondary and preparatory school for many years, however they are now increasingly popular with younger children at pre-prep and primary schools too.

Jonathan Cherry, Managing Director of says “With the school’s logo embroidered on the front and a list of names on the back, they offer a lasting keepsake of much-loved friends, teachers, and a school to be proud of. They are also a great way of awarding success and achievement, and promoting a positive image of the school outside the school gates.”

Organising hoodies for your school can be fun and easy with who have a dedicated customer service team, offer a free design service and can provide an online ordering platform to help keep group orders simple and straightforward.

online-shop-leavers-hoodies-order.jpeg can also customise hoodies which are perfect for other groups or occasions. For example clubs, sports teams, events and trips away. There is also a great range of exclusive designs for ski trips, school trips and sports teams that again can be customised with your own text, logos and colours.

Prices start at just £12.99 per hoodie for garments in children’s sizes and orders can be placed for group sizes of five or more. Get in touch for a quote and free design.