Pamper with a Hamper - Country Child's favourite PICNIC hacks!!

Pamper with a Hamper - Country Child's favourite PICNIC hacks!!

Sunshine! Hurrah! And about time too!  This week is National Picnic Week and to celebrate, Country Child have come up with a list of picnic ‘must-haves’ for those of you contemplating dusting off the hamper and heading out into the great outdoors to partake in a picnic or two this summer.



1.      A LARGE Picnic Blanket

This may seem like an obvious suggestion but packing a large blanket is key when picnic-ing with plenty of kids in tow.  A rug that can accommodate lots of hungry (and excitable!) children will always go down well.   




2.      Keep the ants at bay with CORNFLOUR

Yes, you heard it here!! Cornflour sprinkled around the edge of your ‘large’ rug will keep ants and any other inquisitive creatures out of your salad and away from your children’s legs!


first aid.jpg

3.     Homemade FIRST AID kit

When ‘children’ are a part of your picnic equation, then a First Aid kit needs to be incorporated into the picnic packing!  Plasters, mosquito spray, antiseptic wipes, antihistamine tablets, calpol and ibuprofen are all picnic must-haves.  Especially plasters.  It’s amazing what effect a plaster can have on a small, inconsolable child!



4.     Baby Wipes (eco-friendly!)

Don’t leave home without them.  Sticky faces, muddy hands, stained t-shirts - baby wipes will be your friend from the very minute you open the hamper!



5.     Wireless Speakers

Your favourite summertime anthems can be the backdrop to your picnics.  Whether you’re looking to relax with laid back classics or toe tap away to some more upbeat tunes, with a little forethought and a decent speaker, your picnic can be a musical masterpiece.



6.     Outdoor Games

Everyone loves a game of rounders or French cricket.  Packing a bat and ball will ensure team spirits are high and the hours will fly by as you all partake in a spot of sport!



7.     Citronella Candles

If your picnic is likely to continue into the early evening, citronella candles will be your best friend as day turns to dusk.



8.     Exciting Bites

Tempt your kids with some break-from-the-norm foodie treats.  Whether you pre-make some fruit skewers (with a marshmallow in the middle to make it extra special) make a giant sandwich or simply buy some ‘never seen before’ snacks from the supermarket, putting a little thought into the picnic menu will make the whole al fresco dining experience feel that bit more special.


9.     Beeswax wraps

Why not consider doing your bit for the environment this summer and ditch the cling film and invest in beeswax wraps when wrapping up the sandwiches, cheeses and cakes. They can be used time and again – the perfect picnic companion.



10.   Take a Tipple!

Whether it’s a ginger ale or a gin and tonic.  Be sure to pack your favourite tipple – after all, it’s summertime…at last…



            …oh, and don’t forget the ice!