Employing a Nanny for the first time

Employing a Nanny for the first time

Local International Recruitment provider Gemma Watt of Family Rules reveals to Country Child how employing a Nanny, need not be a scary undertaking...

A lady recently said to me, there are 3 things that she, as a busy parent, needs to accomplish each morning; “I need to get ready, I need to get the children ready, and I need to get the house ready” She said as long as 2 out of the 3 were done, then she was winning. We laughed. We both knew too well that this is the case for many family homes and often it’s the parents who luck out! But it also reminded me how valuable a Nanny can be and why I love my job. Finding the right Nanny means all 3 can be achieved and sometimes more.

As a parent I am sure you wish to give your children all the good things in life that includes nutrition, education, and manners and maintain a beautiful home, but also have some time to yourself. Employing a Nanny or Nanny Housekeeper can help you achieve all this. Chances are you can’t be brilliant at everything, or simple don’t have the time to do everything you’d like to do.

I meet a lot of parents who want to prove to the world they can do it all alone. But how ridiculous is this, to stress yourself so much with school runs, housework, cooking, laundry, helping with school homework, racing to/from after school activities or play dates, bedtime routines, elderly parents and the list goes on, when what is most important, is spending your precious time with your family, making memories and doing things that make you happy.

I launched my Wiltshire based company Family Rules to help parents: • Have some personal time • Go on date nights • Go back to work • Meet friends for lunch • Take up a new or previous hobby and sport again • Join a sports club or health centre • Study • Volunteer • Look after parents • Reduce the list of house chores

So what can you ask a Nanny to do? As long as you are clear from the start about what you need, then this can be very flexible to suit your needs. I am particular keen on introducing Nanny Housekeepers as I feel children of a certain age should be encouraged to be independent and entertain themselves, which can allow the Nanny to help around the house. You can expect a Nanny to help with any of, but not limited to, the following: • Implement and maintain routines for the children • Overnight babysitting • Teach the children a new skill (instrument, sport, craft) • Teach a new language (Prince George has a Spanish Nanny) • Do the school runs or collect children from activities and play dates • Cook some meals • Help with housekeeping and laundry • Run errands to the post office, dry cleaners, bakery, pharmacy • Water the plants • Feed the pets The list goes on.

Once you’re past dreaming about all the positive changes a Nanny can bring and decide that introducing a full or part time staff member is in fact the best idea for the whole family, you will start to come up with a whole heap of questions which I can help you navigate: -How much should we pay our Nanny? -How do we register as an employer? -How do we set up and run payroll (incl. deducting tax and NI)? -How do we write an employment contract?

Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it might seem. I can point you in the right direction to get you set up correctly as a Nanny employer after we’ve found the right member of staff for you and your family home.

Gemma can place Nannies, Nanny Cooks, Nanny Housekeepers, Mannies (male Nanny), Nanny Yacht Stewardess, Bilingual Nannies, Maternity Nurses, and Governor/Governess. And other domestic staff such as Housekeeper, Chefs, and Chauffeurs. Whichever staff role you decide is right for your family, they will allow you to prioritise and dedicate your time to the things that you consider are most important for you and your family.

Visit www.familyrules.co.uk for more information.