Kathy-Anne Vincent

It's summer...let's get crafty!! Kathy-Anne Vincent shows us how we can make our very own teepee..

Kathy-Anne Vincent
It's summer...let's get crafty!! Kathy-Anne Vincent shows us how we can make our very own teepee..

My friends and family know all too well, how much I like having a project on the go. I have had my eye on a Teepee for the garden for a while...

But, with the high price tags and huge range of styles, I knew I could make my own and involve the children in the process and enjoy it more. Let’s be honest, making it is so more enjoyable !

We started off by choosing some beautiful vintage fabric in “Field Fayre” print from the “Sussex Garden Collection. As a child, we had these prints hanging as heavy curtains and table cloths. It’s a beautifully nostalgic print for me.  My girls chose a lovely soft yellow textured linen to compliment the colours in the Field Fayre print. It’s a real vintage combination which I absolutely love! All sourced from my rather extensive fabric hoard so it didn’t cost a penny.

For security, I purchased a pattern for the Teepee  (Butterick B4251) which turned out to be a fantastic pattern I shall be using again for future projects!

tee pee 1.jpg


With our fabrics chosen, the children stepped aside for mummy to do the cutting and sewing bits! I was so excited to get this project under way, I got it completely sewn up in one evening, sewing deep in to the night so that we would be able to play in it as soon as possible! The fabrics were just too beautiful to be left on the cutting table.

Once sewn, we armed ourselves with thick bamboo canes (a quick stop into our villages garden centre) and twine and headed to the garden.

tee pee 2.jpg


My girls age 3 & 5 were able to thread the twine through the top channels which would hold the Teepee in place at the top of the canes.

tee pee 3.jpg


Using a bit of teamwork, the girls slid the bamboo canes into the pre-sewn channels and gave the Teepee some shape.

A bit of playing around with the position of the legs and we had a successful Teepee fit for a prince and princesses!

tee pee 4.jpg


Throwing a big soft blanket into the inside of the Teepee, we were ready to play. A first, the children seemed almost hesitant to play in it, I think they were so proud of their efforts they didn’t want to ruin it ! But after some nudging and armed with a basket of china tea set items, they were away.

From building to bed time, they played in it for 3 ½ hrs ! Sleepovers, Tea Parties, mummy’s and babies and camping. The possibilities were endless. It was so lovely to see them all playing together so nicely. Even my little man who can be quite heavy handed, sensed the magic in their games and joined in beautifully.

It was a fantastic project to take on and I know it will bring hours and hours of entertainment. It is also transportable so brilliant to take out for the day to the beach or grandparents house !

tee pee 5.jpg



Kathy, Evie (5) , Annie (3) Billy (14 months)

Evie : “ I love my new teepee. It’s a brilliant tent for camping and tea parties I want to play in it all day when I come home from school “

Annie : “ I love my Teepee because it has flowers and on Saturday I can take it to Granma and Grandads and do camping."

For those keen to try out some more of Kathy-Anne's amazing creations, take a look at her website for more of her wonderful creations!