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Durlston Country Park, Stargazing, Swanage

Durlston’s dark skies make it an ideal place to see our solar system, star clusters, galaxies and meteor showers.

The new Astronomy Centre at Durlston consists of a 14" Meade telescope housed in its own observatory, together with supporting facilities for talks and lectures in the nearby Learning Centre.

The Centre is supported by the Ranger staff at the Country Park and by members of the Wessex Astronomical Society.

Get Involved

There are several ways that members of the public can participate in the astronomy activities at Durlston. A small charge will be made in most cases.

Public Events

A number of public events are run at Durlston throughout the year, and are open to everyone.

Stargazing events consist of an illustrated talk in the Learning Centre followed by the chance to look through various scopes, including the main telescope inside the new observatory.

Check the Events Guide for upcoming Stargazing evenings.