Health and Well-Being Jewellery

Health and Well-Being Jewellery

We take at a look at three key items on the market that are giving mums a spring in their step and even a glow when jazzing up the daily mum-wear.

When you become a parent, your priorities change and these little bundles of joy become the all consuming, first and last thoughts of your day. Getting the time to focus on you is rare; getting your hair done, putting your make up and even presenting yourself well becomes a juggle. So having some pretty, useful and even dual-purpose items in your tool box can certainly help you look and feel good too!

First up is a review of the Kata Necklace in Aqua from Halia Rose which essentially aims to aid little ones teething but also gives mum a boost.

Beth Green-Lowman - Mum to Two boys reports:

"Teething is one of the many stages babies go through as they grow and develop and, like it or not, teething is inevitable. Although all babies are different – with many not suffering at all and others in excruciating pain, many mothers have differing accounts of what teething has meant for both themselves and their babies.

As a busy mother of two boys under two, I know all too well the pain and discomfort that babies can experience when those pesky teeth decide to make an appearance. I have tried a multitude of methods in an effort to combat that painful hold that milk teeth can have... you name it, I’ve done it – frozen fruit, frozen teethers, teething granules and bonjela, to name just a few.

A relatively new concept I’d come across was that of teething jewellery. I was slightly sceptical when friends suggested this to me, but after trialling one of the freshest products available on the baby market, I have to admit I have been left pleasantly surprised. I had the pleasure of wearing the Kata necklace in aqua, while my youngest boy was able to wear the Little Stars necklace in Tropical Surf. I loved the colour of the necklace, and given the time of year, it always added a pop of colour to any outfit I chose to wear – even if it was just around the house. I had always been quite dubious about any chemicals or nasty elements that may be hiding, but as all of the products are BPA free, and contain no lead, latex, PVC or phthalates, my mind was put at rest.

Initially, getting my youngest boy to keep the necklace on did prove a bit of a challenge, but once he had gotten used to seeing it, if and when he had a pain with his teeth, he soon made the connection between the necklace and relief. In addition to this, the necklace was incredibly easy to keep clean – by either washing it in warm soapy water, or popping it into the dishwasher (bonus!).

I thought the product was reasonably priced, but then again I don’t think I can put a price on seeing my baby happy, smiling and not in pain! In addition to this, the necklace being in-keeping with fashion, and making me feel somewhat like a human again is priceless! I would absolutely recommend this product to both family and friends, and would definitely keep the products as keepsakes for both of my boys to look back on when they are older – amazing!"

Next in line, we discovered one of the most unique pieces of jewellery we’ve come across. Pendants and charms from Eternally Cherished made with breastmilk, yes you heard that right, breastmilk!

Erin Parnell from Hampshire became a parent in 2017 and whilst her maternity leave was short she did not waste it. Enjoying her daughter and the choice to breastfeed, she soon realised that she was supplying a vast amount of milk and going back to work meant she might have to either give up personally feeding her child. Determined to not let this be the case, she choose to pump and feed from a bottle (great if little one is amenable). What a great resource Erin had at her finger tips, therefore she started to research what could be done with this precious commodity. Hours of internet information and you tube tutorials later, Erin came up with a plan to create jewellery by treating the milk, to then craft bespoke charms and pendants.

Erin says “My friends and family thought the idea was bizarre however when they saw the results they soon started to see the beautiful creations and meaningful sentiments behind the pieces and realised it would be popular." The word soon spread and Erin found herself taking orders from other mums in her baby and toddler groups and friendship circles, this gave her the confidence to create Eternally Cherished. Since starting up the business earlier this year, she has had many orders with requests to incorporate hair, flowers and even loved ones ashes.

Publisher of Country Child, Jo Leigh comments “As a mum of a Neo Natal baby, my milk was so important to the progression of my baby’s development, that when I still had three frozen milk pouches left over, I could not bare to throw them away - even after three years! When I came across Erin and her products I knew instantly that I wanted to use my milk for exactly this purpose, it was a no brainer. I now have a beautiful charm that is worn on my bracelet daily and gives me such pride that I was able to nurture my baby even when I could not properly feed or care for her in the early few weeks. This charm reminds me of this and how amazing we are as mums. I love it!”

Lastly we highlight a product that wants to connect families and encourage warm and open dialogue through the jewellery that they design. The Kestia “My Baby” charm from the Family collection does just this.

Handmade in the UK, the Family collection draws inspiration from their logo, a baby elephant. Loved by all, elephants are said to symbolise protection, luck and prosperity, therefore the Mother Elephant pendant depicts that her child or children will always be a part of her and is a great way to reassure a child's worries when anxiety is at a high if starting at a new school or nursery. This could be added to if you have more than one child with additional elephants in a variety of colours from the "My Baby" set.

Kathryn Williams, Mum of 6 year old boy said:

“The jewellery I wore from Kestia is a really lovely well made item, the subtlety of the design means I could wear this most days and with any item of clothing. My six year old child was intrigued about the necklace, as he loves elephants, and I had the best reply to give him. I said that this represents him and that wherever he is, with or without me, that he was close to heart and always in my thoughts. This is certainly a physical and mentally boosting piece of jewellery for a parent. If I am lucky enough to have other children I will certainly look to add to the necklace, maybe creating a family, with a mum and dad charm too. My only suggestion would be that you might like to change the necklace that comes with the charm.”

Kestia's ethos is to create opportunities of strengthening relationships and also has a specific separation collection, helping family break ups, adoption or fostering situations or perhaps a leaving gift for a teacher. Their loss collection is designed to suit a family bereavement for remembrance purposes. Check out all their collections here

Sometimes, it can be hard for busy mums to make time for themselves.  Investing in a piece of memorable jewellery can be really special and something we wholly recommend.